Crossover or SUV? Pacific Honda Explains the Difference.

Honda SUV

Remember when sedans ruled the road? It wasn’t that long ago. But at some point, SUVs started to become more popular, and then crossovers arrived. Nowadays we don’t see as many coupes and sedans as we used to. You’ll find all of the above at Pacific Honda, but many of our customers wonder whether a crossover is just a fancy name for an SUV.

They look similar, they have a lot of the same strengths, but they also have some very important differences. Here’s how to choose the right new Honda SUV or crossover for your needs.

What Is An SUV?

The SUV is built like a truck. There’s a heavy-duty frame on which the body is set, which is called “body on frame” construction. It’s heavy, but it takes punishment as well as it dishes it out. the higher horsepower and durability of the Honda Pilot gives it SUV-like performance with the advantages of a conventional SUV.

What Is A Crossover?

Lots of people refer to crossovers as SUVs, but they’re not quite the same thing. A crossover like the Honda CR-V. uses the same kind of unibody construction you’d find in a Honda Civic Coupe. It combines the best of both worlds. You get the ride height and cargo capacity you’d find in an SUV, but many other characteristics — fuel efficiency, a smoother ride, and easier handling — are shared with cars. They’re better at handling towing and rough terrain than a car would be, but they’re not quite as adept as SUVs.

Comparing Honda Crossovers And SUVs

So are crossovers and SUVs one and the same? As you can see, they’re not. You could think of them as “the same, but different.” If you’re looking for cargo capacity and ride height, either one will do fine. If you want added towing ability and off-roading, there’s no substitute for an SUV. But either way, you can’t go wrong with a new Honda model.

If you still have questions as you decide which type best fits your needs, the best person for answers is your San Diego Honda dealer. Stop by Pacific Honda at 4761 Convoy St. in San Diego, CA or call ahead to 858-694-1000 to arrange a test drive.

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