All-Wheel-Drive versus Four-Wheel Drive

Home of renowned vehicles like the 2016 Honda Civic and 2016 Honda Fit, Pacific Honda understands what drivers are looking for when searching for their ideal vehicle. When it comes to a versatile arrangement of vehicles that can amend to a wide variety of weather patterns and terrains, the Honda cars that fill the lot at Pacific Honda definitely outclasses other Honda dealerships. Pacific Honda has been serving the San Diego, CA area since 1984, so we know more than anyone how versatile the California terrain can be. Flat plains can turn into mountainous and rocky hills in a matter of seconds, which is why the importance of understanding the pros and cons of All-Wheel-Drive versus Four-Wheel-Drive is vital to discovering which method is best for you.

The difference between AWD and 4WD comes down to how many of the vehicle’s wheels are receiving power from the drivetrain. While both mechanisms employ the use of all four wheels, when a vehicle has AWD, there is usually a sensor that automatically sends power to all four wheels if the occasion calls for it, such as a slippery terrain that needs the grip of all four wheels. In comparison, 4WD is done manually via a switch by the driver and it splits the power equally between the front and rear axles, preventing the vehicle from becoming stuck in a difficult terrain. 4WDs are typically found in rugged off-roading SUVs, while AWDs are usually found in sportier models, such as our 2016 Honda CR-V.

If you plan on engaging in some off-roading, then the best choice would be getting a vehicle with 4WD because of the better traction. In addition, 4WD and AWD tend to decrease fuel efficiency, however, since 4WD is done manually and can be switched off, it has the option of having better fuel efficiency capabilities than the AWD. If you plan on encountering some dangerous terrain or unpredictable weather, such as snow or rain, then you will want to consider the AWD because the ability to adjust to terrains using smart technology makes it a safer option than the 4WD.

The aforementioned 2016 Honda CR-V is ideal for drivers who will be driving across a surface that is very slippery to decrease the risk of skidding or accidents. The added presence of this technology will give drivers a peace of mind that they will be safe if they happen to come upon some treacherous weather. Test out the AWD on the 2016 Honda CR-V yourself by stopping by Pacific Honda and see just how adaptable this crossover vehicle is. Located at 4761 Convoy Street, one of our trusted experts will be happy to help you find the car that fits your needs the most! We hope to see you soon!

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