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I sent my car for 2k check. Shawn did a good job communicating about how much time I should expect and what has been done to my car. They changed a problematic  rotary part, which I did not detect before. Everything went smoothly. One minor thing though. No car wash, which I thought would be convenient for customers but not a big burden for them. Considering the difficulty of finding a good and honest mechanics is as big as finding a good wife, I gave this place 5 stars. Jinbo W. San Diego, CA

After an incredibly bad experience at El Cajon Mitsubishi, I was really apprehensive to go to another car dealership. But Pacific Honda, and especially the salesman Robert really proved me wrong. This dealership is awesome and I got a really good rate at a very good price. I highly recommend them! Ask for the salesman Robert - He is f*cking awesome. Steven S. North Park, San Diego, CA

I just bought a car here.  I did get a used car, it's a year and a half old. I dealt exclusively with the fiancé guy Sam Saeed.  He is fantastic. He helped me get a good loan, and I do not have perfect credit.  He told me what to bring before coming in and the experience was a very pleasant one.  The guys from the service department were great too. I def had a much different experience then what a lot of people list on here. Also thumbs up to Cassandra who initially got me in touch with Sam.  I'd buy another car here and I'd absolutely recommend them to a friend.
Ron S. San Diego, CA

Just purchased a Honda Fit.  Excellent customer service and a very pleasant experience!  Tariq is awesome!  He helped me with the sale and the test drive.  Johnny got me what I wanted for my trade-in and that made me really happy!  I was extremely pleased with my entire experience there.  :D  Margaret M. La Mesa, CA

About five years ago I bough my Honda Fit here.  Good experience with the purchase.  Better experience with their service department since the.  So far reasonable prices, prompt service, and you can talk with them about what you really need to have done and they aren't evasive about what really is included in scheduled service visits (much of which I've found unnecessary. The express service people are very, very good.  Prices have been very reasonable, quick and very friendly service.  Definitely recommended.  Also, they don't' cop an attitude when I decline things like the air filter replacement, which I get cheap from Amazon and replace myself.  Just nice to deal with.  Daniel Y.  San Diego, CA

I wanted to surprise my wife with an Odyssey to bring her and baby home from the hospital in. Richard in the used car department got me out the door in 40 minutes because he knew I was in a hurry! Incredible service from Lenny and Richard and I highly recommend them if you want a painless experience.  Justin M. San Diego, CA

A sad day when I traded in the Xterra. But I really needed a commuter car to and from work. Jojie Delfin was there to help. Unfortunately the car I was interested in was still in reconditioning. On the way out he took the time to show me a few other cars and worked out a great deal for a newer ride that was still within my budget. Lenny the manager is a scholar and a gentleman with the experience to back it up. Looking forward to doing business with them in another 10-15 years.  Norman L. Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

*THIS IS A SERVICE CENTER REVIEW* Read my review of my recent car buying experience. I had a 10 star experience at Pacific Honda new cars with Sam Saaid. Now it was necessary to get the alignment and tires checked out because I noticed some pull in my new Civic on the freeway. I was also going to get an oil change because I always do that at 3000 miles on my other cars. I was really concerned about going here because of the mixed YELP reviews. However, Sam said they were great and I should try so I did. First I called the Service Manager and left him a message because I see patients all day and can't return calls right away. He returned my call promptly and courteously. Further, I learned a ton of great information I never knew. First that Arco gas is bad for the long -term wear of the engine and not worth the savings. Well, I have been buying cheap gas in Escondido! Not anymore! He explained how the engine gets build up and better gas cleans it and keeps it up if you are keeping the car long-term. He also said he has had Accords for years and that's what he does. Secondly, he gave me great advise on checking the tires and oil weekly or bi-weekly and explained how the Civics do not need an oil change until they say 15% oil in the service info. I did not know this and Yes I read the owner's manual :)  He answered all of my questions and concerns about the Yelp RATINGS. He recommended Chris Yates as my service advisor and to make an appointment. I was adamant but thought I'd give them a shot. I want to establish automotive care for a new civic and recommend the place. I also want to use it for years to come and keep buying Hondas. Today, Friday I showed up for my 1030am appointment 15 minutes early. I met Chris who started me early with no waiting. He listened carefully to my concerns and assured me everything would go smoothly. 3 hours later at 1:30pm the car was done. I felt that was reasonable for a road test alignment check, tire check, 40 point inspection and a road test. When I returned to pick up the car Chris got the paperwork together and went over the entire inspection piece by piece with me. He also saw to other concerns of mine personally such as the interior lights. He explained everything. He advised me on when to come in for servicing and that I can contact him personally (which of course I intend to do) and described what the first service would be and how much it would cost, he answered all of my questions. He is very mild mannered and respectful, he is a gentleman. I appreciate this very much. He is very professional yet kind. I felt like I could trust him. He then shook my hand and said there would be someone bringing my car to me out front. I waited a bit out front and saw my car parked but no one came so I went into the garage and asked a service guy for my keys. He was great and went and got them right away and set the car up for me to take. There were some dirty plastic gloves in there yuck! But hey no problem I just placed them in the parking space. * Earlier, while I waited for Chris to fetch the paperwork 2 other Service Advisors were talking in their booths to each other and cursing about commissions or something. I would have like for them to wait until I was gone because it was uncomfortable but I don't think they saw me because they are hidden behind a cubicle sort of thing.  I felt that Pacific Honda and the General Manager of Service and Chris Yates my Service Advisor were AWESOME professionals and friendly knowledgeable men. I have told you the details and I have no complaints. I am giving them 5 stars anyway. Overall service needs some fine tuning but this isn't a luxury car center. However, I will let you know if they do.  I am giving them 5 stars anyway.  Eh E. San Diego, CA

I cant speak for this entire facility but I can speak for the Loan Manager Sam Saeed. My daughter and I were looking for a reliable car not too old and at a good finance rate. I knew what we qualified for and I had done my homework. I contacted several prospects by email and gave my terms to all. Pacific Honda hooked me up with Sam. He called me and I was straight up about my terms. My adult daughter and I together dropped in to see him. He had us test-driven and out with a gorgeous NEW car in 2 hours. There were no sales tactics, the price was fair and under MSRP, no add-ons pushed on us (just alarm recommended :) but we wanted that), and a lower finance rate than our credit union had pre-approved!  We had researched 2011's and 12's , I had all of the US NEws ratings and bluebook Wholesale and Retail prices. However, it turned out a new 2013 was a better buy with Sam and at a great interest rate. We just test drove the civic, picked out a color and finished up in Sam's comfortable air conditioned office. We still cant believe it and we are SO HAPPY! We love this car too it is a new 2013 Civic LX, all electric windows, back-up camera, fabulous sound system, plug-ins for USB,  in a fun red. I am certain God answered our prayers when we met Sam. Now we tell everyone about him that admires our car. I even have a Toyota owner who is going to see him. We encountered some of the usual tactics at Mission Valley Honda and, Toyota Kearny Mesa and were worn out by the bullshit. Sam is respectful, honest, fast and best of all a gentleman. Anonymous

This dealership did a great job in getting me my first "nice" used car.  They were willing to negotiate and was not in your face.  I bought a certified vehicle and although I had to bring in my car, the guy double checked and inspected my car to make sure that I got what I paid for.  He then gave me a rental right away.  I recommend Richard at the certified used cars.  This guy no doubt will help you.
Nelson K.  Lemon Grove, San Diego, CA

Bring my wife's CRV and mother in laws Element in for service. The service department and lube bay are filled with qualified personal and managers.  Always a great experience...Brett N. Santee, CA

Good and friendly customer service. Receive a discount at the express oil change if you bought your car at Pacific Honda. Best part is the waiting room: have a free breakfast when you do your oil change here in the morning! Waiting room offers free coffee, free water, free cereal bars, free wifi, and free USA Today newspapers. Lawrence B. San Diego, CA

Very good dealer. Process went very smooth. Tarig Elamin is best salesman very nice appreciate your work. Santosh K. San Diego, CA

I want to rate for Mr. Scott Steven, will rate him for A++++.  I bought a brand new CRV from pacific honda yesterday. I highly recommend Scott Steven to everyone if anyone  wants to buy a Honda.  He is not only a professional, nice but also an honest person.  I was very comfortable to work with him. My friend and I walked into pacific honda,Scott came up to me when we looked at a CRV, he asked if we need any help. He didn't ask any question and not push me to look at  any car. We said we wanted to look around  and he showed us two cars. Then we left.  Another friend of mine told me she had a dealer in Poway Honda whom asked if she wants to buy a new CRV. My friend told her I wanted to buy a car , if she could give me a quote.It was almost 10:30pm when  I got home. I sent a message to Scott asked what the best offer he could give me and Scott replied quickly. I told him wanted to wait if the poway dealer would response. Scott told me he will handle it if she can't quote.... I felt he is very honest ,nice person  after had  a few messages with him. The dealer my fried told me seemed like she was not very interested to her customer, and i felt not good.  I made a decision to buy with Scott.  He really take care of you ,not just sell a car to you and push you to decide. Scott filled the car and explained to me all the details about the interior of the car and showed me how to set up the electronic system after gave me the keys. He was very patient.  He answers all my questions whatever I have, no matter when.     Scott is the best person in Pacific Honda, my friend also agreed with that, she got her the same model car with the dealer in Poway Honda two years ago, she said that dealer didn't explain anything to her when sold to her 2years ago,she was told that everything was in  menu. She said she should have buy with Scott 2 years ago. Scott gave me a good deal and l like my CRV. Thanks very much to Scott ! Will definitely recommend  Scott to my friends who want to buy a car, and everyone wants to buy Honda. We give Scott 100% satisfaction and 5 stars!  I am doing a second review for Steven. He is so nice person . I asked him a lot of questions and he gave me  good answers all then time. Yesterday I asked him if I need to do my 1st service for my CRV, he told me at least 5000miles in a minute. He is very honest and professional , always helps if you need. Not just sale to you a car. Believe me , go for Steven if you want to buy a car. not just a good deal, you will be satisfied with what you buy. Thank you Steven!  Min M. San Diego, CA

I bought a new Honda Fit on behalf of my son who is moving back to CA and needs a car on day one. This is the third Honda i have purchased from Pacific Honda over more than 20 years. Ted Cosby was my sales rep. He was awesome. Steve, the sales manager really helped us get the deal done. My son is moving back to CA from New York and is not yet a resident. This complicated the transaction a bit because Honda Finance wants to know where the owner resides. We also wanted an after market part installed and they made it all simple and easy and gave us a price that was better than the Costco and USAA price. I read a few fairly negative reviews about this dealership. Some jerk reviewed them without even buying a car.  Really? For me, this was an excellent experience, three times in a row.  Pacific Honda is a terrific company with great people. I would not even consider someplace else.  Randy M. San Diego, CA

So I brought my car in last week for an oil change at Express Service last week and found out my brake pads were at 3 and 5 percents respectively... Yikes.  Yeah, I suck when it comes to preventative maintenance, and pretty much rely on the express service dept. guys to tell me about these sort of "needs immediate attention" issues, lol. Manny quoted me at about 3-4 hours for everything to be done when I came in at 7:45 am, which seemed like a little while but I figured I could wait in the customer lounge and watch some tv or something.  Unfortunately, at 9 1/2 mos pregnant, super swollen ankles and feet and feeling extremely exhausted all the time, this proved to be too hard for me to do after about 45 mins.  However Manny was nice enough to get his courtesy shuttle driver to drop me off at home = 5 stars for his customer service right there. While my initial plan was to just get the front brake pads replaced, I ended up getting the rear pads replaced as well since it only took about an hour longer (they do not generally resurface rear rotors) to do and my car was already there.   Best part was, the courtesy shuttle driver came back to my house and drove me back to the dealership, where my car was all set to go and all I had to do was pay.  Manny was also gracious enough to give me an extra discount on top of the front brake job coupon I used. It's true that prices on dealership service can run higher, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing my car and I will be well taken care of is worth the extra $$.  Mariko K. San Diego, CA

Eugene was a great help. I got exactly the car I wanted at a great price.  Thanks a lot. Dan K. San Diego, CA

Attentive sales staff and exceptional service. Finally have a place to take my Honda after trying other dealerships. Ask for Tony!
Teresa P. San Diego, CA

So my car broke the other day and I needed a car and I heard about the new Honda Accord Sport and had to come and check it out. I was helped by Johnny and he was actually not like other car salesmen, he wasnt pushy and he had no B.S. coming out of his mouth. We got to test drive the car and immediately fell in love with it. Johnny was a HUGE help and got me the most affordable price for it. If you want a great car with a great deal, go here!!!  Artur K. San Diego, CA

Thanks for the great service, Jerremie was keeping me updated on my car and she was very friendly and professional. My Honda runs great now after really starting to run bad, for Pacific Honda to throw in a $2,000 hybrid battery under warranty right before expering with a very small charge, more than fair. The total cost was much lower than i expected   Travis O. San Diego, CA

Robby Macintyre is the BEST car salesman I have ever encountered!!!  I am still deciding on what to do but Robby unlike most car salesman is giving me my space and time!!!  Honest he was everything you would want when trying to get a car: paitent, knowledgable, friendly, funny, and no pressure.  Janet K.  Santee, CA

My daughter was driving a used car that I nicknamed the " Money Pit ".  I have driven a Honda CRV for six years, and absolutely love the car.  I suggested that she consider purchasing a new Honda. She researched different models , and called Pacific Honda to make an appointment to buy a new Honda Civic. We had the pleasure of working with Mark Morrow, who made the entire process very enjoyable. He went out of his way to ensure that she was getting the best deal possible, and answered all of our questions ( there were many), in a helpful and informative manner. I would recommend Mark Morrow, and Pacific Honda to anyone who is looking for a new car. My daughter loves her 2013 Civic, and is thankful to Mark for the excellent customer service that she received while purchasing the car. I would also like to thank Steve Gerardi and Fadi Houneini for their help and kindness during the transaction. I promise we will be back when it is time to trade in our Honda's for newer models.Thank you for your excellent customer service. Sallie A. Huntington Beach, CA

My husband and I are very fortunate that Pete Landsheft was the Sales Consultant who assisted us in picking out our new car.  He's VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, very informative and very willing to work with you.  He assisted us through the whole process and even called a week after we got the car to check how it was running.  If you plan to get a new car, go to Pacific Honda and look for Pete Landsheft, he's awesome! Lourisse D.  San Diego, CA

I just got a new Honda Odyssey from Johnny Farmand! Love the car and love the service! He was so friendly and really helpful when it came to deciding which car was right for my family. I would definitely recommend Johnny to anyone wanting to buy a new Honda.  
Malina G. Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA

My Daughter had asked me to fly to San Diego to help her purchase a new car.  I researched different makes, models, and of course color of cars. So the adventure began, prepared to deal with demanding and rude car salesman.  The first stop was Pacific Honda, why, because they had the color of the Civic she wanted!  We arrived and were immediately greeted by Salesman Jimmy Gardemann.  Jimmy was very pleasant and immediately took us to start looking at Civics.  I'm not letting down my guard, as a retired Sheriff it takes allot to gain my trust.Jimmy made sure to always addressed my Daughter as the buyer and explain every aspect of the Civic.  He knew his product and was confident the Civic would prove superior over the Chevy Cruze.  We started on a test drive, not the usual around the block but showed us the handling abilities and standard options the Civic has that the Cruze did not.  I was very impressed as was my daughter the the handling abilities of the Civic. We returned to the dealership and the search was on for that Blue Civic I saw on the internet, it had sold!  But Jimmy told us he would have one here this afternoon, impressive, usually it's a day to two or get this color.  Jimmy gave us the best cash price for the Civic and then asked if we had a trade in, which we did.  He came back very quickly with the very fair trade-in value.  So tempting to say DEAL, but we wanted to give the Chevy Cruze a shot.  Jimmy was so confident we would be back he told us to pay attention to the suspension abilities and assured us the same deal will be offered if we came back.  So nice - no pressure, free to leave on a positive note! We test drove the Cruze, the typical around the block.  Needless to say we were back to  Pacific Honda within an hour and at Jimmy's desk.  Jimmy found that Blue Civic immediately and went himself to retrieve it while we did the paperwork.  He had it detailed while we went to lunch.  When we got back he assisted in the transfer of personal items from the old car to the New Blue Honda Civic. I watched him go over every detail on the Civic with my Daughter.  He was very through and informative, not the typical - sold I'm moving to a new customer! I can only pray and hope all my Daughters experiences with car salesman could have such a positive outcome!  Pacific Honda should recognize and appreciate an employee such as Jimmy for his personal commitment to his clients! 
Jim A.  Mariposa, CA

This is my first time buying a car.  Angelina helped me on this big stage of my life.  She gave me a great deal and really patient with me.  Also, she has really great after service.  She cares about you from bottom of her heart. If you are coming to Pacific Honda, ask Angelina. 
Brandy C. La Jolla, CA

I recently purchased a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6 Coupe from Pacific Honda. The sales rep I had was Daniel and he was extremely helpful and worked with me to negotiate a fair price. With this being my first NEW car purchase, Daniel was fair in his negotiation. I had dealings with several other dealers from the Riverside area dealerships (Spreen in particular, had a low price discount via the website but added "accessories" that inflated the price dramatically). I found Pacific Honda group to be particularly helpful.  The Service dept was absolutely top notch and got my alarm and LoJack installed quickly, as well as having a friendly staff and shuttle service.  Thanks!  Jon A. Monterey Park, CA

The staff here was super helpful and friendly! Paul (the salesman) and Jose (the financial advisor) put no pressure on me. They really made me feel at ease and I'm soooo happy I came here! This was probably the easiest car sale I've ever had! I went to Mission Valley Honda but left because of the bad service. Trust the good reviews, come here!  Sasha B. Rolando, San Diego, CA

Steven was very helpful at finding the perfect car for me and then giving me options to get payments in my price range. He spent a lot of time with us, test drove multiple cars, and nothing was rushed. I was very happy with the whole experience and definitely recommend asking for Steven Jajo!  Mandy L. San Jose, CA

They know how to take care of their customers! I had to change all my tires on my Accord. I couldn't' get in early enough to have my alignment done. Jeremmie asked if I had a Pacific Card, Which I did...& if I  can bring it in the night before my appt. so they can get the alignment done. She said that should would give me a rental car for free. How awesome was that?  The day before my appt. Jeremmie was off & she informed me that Chris would take care of me. when I came in- the staff was very friendly & Chris had all my paperwork ready to go. I dropped it off & had my rental car for the next day.  My tires & alignment were finished as stated & I am back on the road riding smoothly! Thanks Pacific Honda Service Center!  Maida I. San Diego, CA

My overall experience was EXCELLENT! GM Eric Nelson, and his sales team of Daniel Nichols and JP BO were nothing short of tremendous. I was in search of specific 2013 fully loaded Honda Accord which was not in their stock. They located a vehicle in Temecula, transported it to their San Diego location and added some extra chrome wheels and spoiler all before I left with the vehicle that day. They also went above and beyond on my trade-in. Not to be forgotten in this review is the EXCELLENT service of the New Sales Director Banu Grewal and the Finance Mgr. Jaime Jimenez. If you are buying a HONDA in San Diego you must stop by Pacific Honda. Anthony D. San Diego, CA

Great experience buying a 2013 cr-v from Daniel. Very professional and didn't pressure us at all. He worked hard to get me the best price for my trade in and the best deal for my new purchase. Ask for Daniel when you shop for a new Honda and you won't be disappointed! 
Victoria B. San Diego, CA

OK this is the 3rd car  I have purchased from here .... Great staff friendly no BS no Pressure I love this dealer . ask for Daniel N. he's really a great guy very through...I just bought a 2012 Fit for $4,000. of hey!!!!  Douglas Saboe Hair Design S.  San Diego, CA

Outstanding sales. I was very impressed by the people here and highly recommend this dealership to anyone!  Janet M.  La Mesa, CA

I enjoyed a service that was less than 40 min., especially if you were on vacation. I couldn't believe my service reminder came on in our Pilot while we were visiting SeaWorld. Since we were around 4 days, I didn't want to risk anything going wrong. Found this trusted Honda Service open on the weekend, very convenient. They even let me use a coupon online. Quick, easy, friendly, and cheap oil change deserves a 5 star in my  book.  Louise T. Concord, CA

I was searching for the best lease deal possible. I called a friend in LA that brokers leased vehicles and he got me a deal for a 2012 Honda Civic LX. However, the only stipulation was the car had to be picked up from Thousand Oaks Honda in LA. Given the drive from El Cajon to Thousand Oaks was going to take a full day of driving and underlying costs; I opted to call around. First dealership I called was Tipton Honda. I called twice and no one answered the phone. Even though they were the closest to my area, they demonstrated to me my business doesn't matter.  Second place I called was Pacific Honda. I spoke to a guy named Zak and told him the deal I was getting in LA. He said we can match that deal give or take a little. I made an appointment the next day and went in to talk to Robbie. We went over the details and was introduced to the sales manager Paul. We closed the deal on 12/22/12 and went home with a brand new 2012 Silver Honda Civic LX. All around above par customer service and quality of delivery. Pacific Honda is destined to make customers happy. Good on you Pacific Honda!  S F.  El Cajon, CA

Pacific Honda delivers great service and value. I leased a Honda CRV from them in 2010 and purchased a Honda Odyssey in 2013!! They always deliver on their promises and work with you patiently every step of the way! Special mention needs to go to Joji who works in their Finance/Sales area and who is PHENOMENOL!! He took care of us every step of the way from the time our CRV lease was in it's final year until we bought our new Odyssey a couple of days ago!! In a day and age where customer service is highly valued Joji goes above and beyond what is needed! Thanks for going the extra mile for us!!! We are very happy customers and will be back when we need another Honda!! 
Craig D. San Diego, CA

I have to admit that I get a stomach ache when I usually walk onto a car dealership lot. I love cars.  I used to go with my dad and test drive cars for fun as a kid, but I get uncomfortable with the high-pressure sales that usually comes with walking onto a dealer lot.  Pacific Honda was a completely different, and wonderfully refreshing experience.  I don't do a lot of online reviews, but after reading a previous scathing review, I feel like I need to tell my wonderfully positive experience.  I'm also going to post this on google.  This place deserves some kudos and cookies. I had a pretty good idea what kind of car and model I wanted, the Pilot Touring.  Marcos was informative, friendly, and helpful.  I NEVER felt pressured.  When it came time to talk about price, he and Paul (the sales manager) were open and fair.  Paul was clear about what he had available, what discounts he could give (and couldn't) and what he was willing to do. I'd done my research, so I knew what I could afford and what was a fair price.  I hate haggling, back-n-forth negotiation stuff.  I want to treat people with respect and fairness and I want to be treated the same.   We agreed on a fair price, a great price.  I don't make purchases like this without talking it over with my wife (duh!).  They never flinched when I told them I would talk about it that night and call them in the morning. I'd been to 3 other dealerships (Toyota and Honda) and ALWAYS got pressured to make a purchase that day.  Paul encouraged me to make the best decision for me and my family.  When I went back the next day, Paul and Tony were great. (Marcos was out, but he connected us with Tony who answered every question.)  It was the Dec 31st, so Paul was slammed with everybody else trying to get a purchase done before the end of the year stuff, but he STILL made the effort to come talk to us 3-4 times and check in.  I know they are trying to sell cars, but he could have sat in his office. Instead, he took a moment to make sure that we were happy.  My parents purchased a CRV from Pacific Honda, and we got the Pilot we wanted for a price I would have had to fight to get at another dealership. I walked out feeling positive, happy, and relaxed (not pressured and defensive like other dealerships).  I would HIGHLY recommend you go and talk to them if you are in the market for a new car.  Jason s.  Chula Vista, CA

In and out in half an hour. Granted all I had was a recall request for my visor. But they prioritized the quickies or at least they did for me that day. I've been to their Quickie Oil Service as well right next to it. In and out in half an hour/ 45 minutes tops. I'M a FAN. :)  Mari A. Arlington, VA

Definetely Great Experience at Pacific Honda..We came in because we were referred to Ricky Lechuga & wanted to buy an used car..I have to say we are very pleased with our 1st Purchase at Pacific Honda..Ricky is very helpful,friendly,knowledgable,a very professional Salesperson with great Customer Service..He helped us in any way possible to be able to purchase our 2002 Nissan Pathfinder,our kids are very happy too :)In the future i will definetely come back & refer Ricky Lechuga to friends & family..I highly recommend Ricky!! Thank You Ricky for all the help,to make this possible! God Bless!   Jeannette R. Chula Vista, CA

Awesome service, best thing to do is drop your car off for the day.  Seems to be a busy place. B D.San Diego, CA

I take my car here for all its services and have never been disappointed. They keep you up to date along the way with what they find and let you know what they recommend to fix before going ahead with it. Most times I just wait for my car to be serviced and they really do make a good effort to get my car done as soon as possible. The express service is also great. I like that they separated out an express side for those who just need a quicker oil change and minor fixes like tire rotation and battery replacement. That way you can just drive up and get out in about half an hour. They have complimentary coffee and wifi so you can relax a bit while you wait. The lounge is pretty nice. Maybe not the prettiest looking lounge but at least the seats are comfy.   Jackie T. San Diego, CA

I have purchased 2 cars there in last 3 years and Scott Steven has been professional and no B.S!!! also use the express service and receive prompt and friendly service !!  Mike S. San Diego, CA

Great dealership and I love how they support the environment by actively selling the Natural Gas Civic GX. CNG fueling can cut your commuting expenses in half! Plus NGVs get solo-HOV access. Sb C.  San Diego, CA

Angelina was very helpful in getting us a good deal. The overall experience was very friendly and non-stress.  Angelina J. San Diego, CA

While on our adventure, I had to get the wagon serviced for a warranty issue.  Henry got me right in and they did a great job within an hour.  Excellent customer experience. Chris C. Folsom, CA

We had a really wonderful car buying experience at Pacific Honda, which says a lot since I absolutely HATE buying cars. We originally started working with Jimmy via email, since I wanted to do as much negotiation as possible before hand, instead of spending stressfull hours at the dealership.  We were very clear about our needs and Jimmy stated he could accomodate us.  When we went into the dealership, we were initially apprehensive.  We met with Mark Morrow - super nice guy, easy to talk to, no BS, no pressure, and much to our surprise gave us exactly what we asked for and expected. No haggling, no bait and switch. I was pleasantly surprised at what a great experience this was, having had miserable car buying experiences elsewhere in the past. We love our new Honda Pilot, and will seek out Mark when we buy our next car. We were treated very well and taken good care of! Karen B. San Diego, CA

It was an excellent experience... the whole process was very smooth and easy and i got a very good deal . Zaid Darzi was a very excellent sales consultant and his advices were very helpful and i will deferentially recommend him to my friends and family. Pacific Honda is the best.   Ansamita S. La Mesa, CA

My wife and I just purchased an Accord from Sonny, one of the newest sales staff at Pacific Honda. I've been to seven different dealerships over the past 2 weeks including VW, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai and Subaru and seen the full spectrum of dealership cultures, and it was wonderful to come to Pacific Honda and deal with adults. This was a rough transaction as I had a damaged Toyota trade-in, over-mileage, with 8 months left on the lease. Sonny and Jaime in Finance managed to purchase the trade-in for $2,000 more than the next best appraisal I'd had ($3,000 more than Toyota wanted to pay) and put me in a loaded Accord for less than the advertised lease rate despite about $3,000 in negative equity on my trade. Don't be put off by the fact that Sonny is young--he knows the cars he sells, he's patient, and doesn't act like a car salesman (high praise indeed). These guys will not make you go to war to get the car you want at a great price. It was actually . . . enjoyable? If you're buying Honda in San Diego, don't go anywhere else.  Dave A. San Diego, CA

The first thing one has to come to realization and say to oneself is, "I'm about to walk into a car dealership. Car dealerships have car salesmen. Car salesmen are not fun to deal with". If one does this, one typically should be good. Coming to this dealership, I really didn't need to have that on my mind much. This dealership did a pretty good job in accommodating my wife and me. I owe much of my easy transaction to Mr. Scott Steven. Scott was there right from the beginning. He was the first person to come up to my wife and I to answer all of our questions and give us some test drives in a couple different Civics. He was very patient, attentive, and friendly. I will be the first to admit that I can be a pain in the ass. This fact did not stop Scott. He was very patient in negotiating with me, and spoke to his manager to appease to my demands/requests. Thank you Scott.Fadi Houneini, the finance manager, was also a very pleasant person to deal with. He was possibly the most honest and forward guy I've spoken to at a car dealership. I very much appreciated the way he took care of my wife and I. Good man. I can't attest to the experiences that others have had, but Pacific Honda made my car buying experience go smoothly and that is something I appreciate. Gerson R. San Diego, CA

I came in to buy the drivers side sun visor (which had a known recall) for my civic.  Even though I was pass the 100k mile for the warranty, they hooked it up and still refunded my money for the part and did it for free! The parts Guy, cashier, service specialists were all helpful and very nice. Goodwill still exists!  condizzle f. San Diego, CA

I had originally written a bad review because I was treated poorly by an employee and previously described the way she looked. I have since deleted her description because she could have just been having a bad day and we all do sometimes. I also didn't want the entire dealership to be judged and avoided simply because of one employees actions.  5 stars for Tony and Pam for excellent customer service. I have been back 3 separate times in the last couple days because of my catalytic converter and for smog issues. Everyone has been very helpful. They successfully replaced the converter and my car has now passed smog. Mitchell N. San Diego, CA

I recently purchased a 2012 Honda Pilot at Pacific Honda. I was in need of a new car but I kept procrastinating because I did not want to deal with pushy salespeople. When I finally made it a priority I went to a Honda dealership (not Pacific Honda) and I did not have the best experience so my husband did some research online and found Pacific Honda. We initiated contact with the dealership online and we were matched up with Mark Morrow. From that point on the experience was stress and pressure free. We ordered our vehicle, waited a couple of weeks and it was delivered as promised. Mark was patient and pleasant through the entire experience. I hope that Mark is still working at Pacific Honda when I get my next car because I will be going directly to him. Even after the sale was completed he followed up with my husband and me to make sure that we were satisfied with our purchase. Thank you Mark!  T K. San Diego, CA

I recieved the service I wanted and the pricing I asked for with this dealership.  Michelle and Dottie were every polite and courteous and didn't try to pressure me into getting extra things I didn't want or need.   I can honestly say they gave me exactly what I wanted.  The haggling wasn't bad either we did it all over the phone before I even went in and I got everything in writing in email before I came in so I had a set price for the CRV I bought, and when I went to the dealership they honored that price.  So overall shopping for the car I wanted was very stressful, but the dealship didn't add to my stress so it was a nice experience. Thanks Pacific Honda for finding the getting me the car and color I wanted.
Candece S. San Diego, CA

Really helpful, really pleasant. My car's making this knocking noise when I turn, and they've looked at it twice now. There's probably nothing really wrong, and they're great because they haven't yet charged me anything for spending the time looking at it. Good people. 
Amy M. Normal Heights, San Diego, CA

I bought a Honda Crosstour here. First off, Wally was super nice and easy to work with. He knew the car very well and was able to explain all its features. The dealership was willing to work with me. I traded in an Audi because I wanted something a little more suited for my needs. I shopped around quite a bit looking for "crossover" vehicles but honda really offered the best deal. They worked with me on my used vehicle and worked with me on my credit as both were not in the greatest of conditions. Over all I really had a pleasant experience at Honda and am amped on my new car. It is not an Audi, but it also doesn't cost like an Audi :) Wally and Dottie really made our experience there a great one! Thank you.  Justin E. San Diego, CA

I bought my Civic in 2003 from Pacific Honda and have had it served there since then. Recently I was advised to have the timing belt, drive belts, and water pump replaced--it was due, it was time. I was quoted $850, and Mark Randle was the fellow who took care of me the morning I left the car for the service.It was supposed to be done at 2 pm. Mark calls me at three minutes till and says "Yeah, we're done, and it'll cost $709." NEARLY $150 CHEAPER THAN THE QUOTE. And then, the piece de resistance, I picked up the car and they had pounded out a crunched-in right bumper so that it looked nearly good as new, for FREE.I'll never take the car anyplace else for service. Never. They have always been this good, thorough, timely, and HONEST. Kathy L. Lynnwood, WA

I"ll have two separate reviews for Pacific Honda.  This is for their sales department, which receives a four star rating.  (Their service receives the lowest rating possible in the next review.) We recently started shopping for a new car and were very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism of our sales rep at Pacific Honda.  We tested a number of different dealerships (Honda, Ford, Toyota, Subaru) and found Pacific Honda to be not only the most responsive, but also understood that we are not impulse buyers and did their best to follow-up to let us know they were still interested in us.  They didn't have the car in stock that we wanted, but looked all around the state to find it and have it delivered.  We were very pleased. I find their team to be very professional and courteous.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. (You need to read my next review of their service/repair shop, which I will post at another time.  If possible, I would give service/repair a zero stars review.  They're terrible and don't give a flying pigs foot about customers.)  Hunter R. Seattle, WA

This review is for the parts department. Been going here for my oem honda part needs for many years.  the recent staff, vencis and derek they are amazing people to work with. very helpful and knowledgeable guys. they will provide you the best service they can as long as you are not a complete smarta$$ or snobby person to help them help you better here are some tips Be sure to know what kind of car you have.Year, Model, trim level, and transmission type. even better would be to have your vin number handy. so that would ensure you are getting the right part and would speed the service up faster. There is a reason why genuine original factory parts cost a little bit more then the cheap part store stuff  you would find at autozone kregans napa. you are paying for better quality parts that last longer and is properly made for your car.
Kevin P. San Diego, CA

I bought a new 2012 Civic from JT McDonald of Pacific Honda during June 2012 when there was a shortage of cars because of the Japan disaster and the harsh weather in the South.  Look around any dealership and there are no cars to be found.  All dealerships asking for top dollar for any new or used vehicle.I contacted Pacific Honda asking for the Internet Manager and I was connected to JT McDonald.  I indicated that I wanted a Accord...stating which features...and color.  He was able to provide me with a quick and fair quote.When I say a fair quote, I mean a fair quote compared to Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book and other online resources.  Straight up and true.  None of the shell games that other dealers may play.  I received a price and the total cost including taxes and license fees.  And the bonus is that it included wheel locks, mud guards, and floor mats...which other dealers want to soak you for additional costs that cannot be removed from the deal.I went to the dealership and I still had the price that was quoted to me on the phone.  So no games.  And I actually switched and went for the Civic.  And the price they provided on the spot was also a great price compared to the homework I did.  Right price again and with the wheel locks, mud guards, and floor mats...which others would squeeze out as additional costs.  They didn't try to bait and switch me after I got onto the lot. The trade in I received was also very good and to my satisifaction compared to Kelly Blue Book.  So they did not try to get me on the other end of the deal by cutting back on my trade in. I was able to negotiate down the price a bit more and it didn't take long of where others would let you wait around while they have donuts.  Came back and it was all done. I am very pleased with Pacific Honda and JT McDonald.  My buying experience was excellent from the first point of contact on the the visit to the finally driving the car home.  JT was also helpful when I called the next day with a question regarding the good follow-up after the sale I will be purchasing from Pacific Honda again.  D Y. San Diego, CA

Just bought a 2011 Odyssey EX-L. I dealt with Mark as a salesman, Fadi as the tough-guy negotiator, and Paul as the Finance guy. I went in very prepared. I knew exactly what I wanted and what I was going to pay for it. I'd suggest everyone buying a new car take the time to research prices on the web before you start negitiating. will tell you the invoice price and what you should expect to pay over that in San Diego. I knew Pacific Honda had the model I wanted in stock and all I wanted to do was test drive and buy it. Mark recognized the situation and very quickly got me to the negotiation phase with Fadi. Fadi and I settled in on a price within 20 min. Most of that time was talking about our families and middle eastern politics. I liked chatting with Fadi. Last stop was with Paul and I wasn't prepared for the warranty negotiation. I knew I wanted one, but didn't have a sense for the cost/value. I got a warranty that, after researching online, I was uncomfortable with. I called Paul the next day, expressed my concerns, and he worked with me to renegotiate a deal that I was comfortable with.  All-in-all I'm very happy with my purchase and with everyone I dealt with over there. Suggestion for anyone buying a car from anywhere. Dealerships are in business to make money so they will always start with the MSRP price. Focus on the price of the car with the options you want first. Don't be afraid to say no, don't be afraid to walk away, and keep your cool. If you're a jerk then you're probably going to have a bad experience. If you're trading in your car then settle on that price before or after you settle on the price of the new car. You'll only confuse yourself if you mix them. I felt that everyone was out to make sure I was happy and satisfied. This was my 6th new car (2nd from Pacific Honda) and by far the best experience. If I buy another Honda I will buy it from Pacific Honda.  Brian C. San Diego, CA

I'm sorry to see some people had a bad experience at Pacific Honda. One of my best friends has been buying and servicing her Hondas here for years so when I had a problem with mine I took it there too. I had some of the best customer service ever from a guy named Henry who discovered my used car with over 134,000 miles was still under warranty and didn't charge me a thing to fix it, thanks again Henry!! 
Jess B. San Diego, CA

This review is for Pacific Honda's "Service" Department.  I normally don't bring my cars to the dealership but sometimes issues may arise that only a dealer can handle.  I worked with a service advisor by the name of Mike I. who provided exceptional customer service.  He was very professional, knowledgeable, and more importantly "honest" with the evaluation.  I typically don't have good experiences with the dealer in general but this one gets 5 stars in my book.   Thanks Mike!!!  Ngo L. San Diego, CA

My new Honda purchase couldn't have been easier.  Brad Johnson made all arrangements for us over the phone and delivered even more than promised.  My new Honda Civic GX was ready, clean and filled up upon arrival, and paperwork was ready to go.  We were back on the road an hour after arriving, including a test drive! Highly recommend this as an ethical dealership with great personnel.  Suzanne C. Edmonds, WA

Purchased a new 2012 Civic Hybrid from Mark Morrow and it was a great buying experience.  Mark has the ability to explain all the options and accept the first answer I gave him.  Nothing is worse than a salesman relentlessly trying to sell you options you have no interest in.  Mark was easy to deal with and worked vigorously with finance to get the exact deal that I was expecting.  Enjoying my new Civic Hybrid and the stellar gas mileage.  A+++ experience!  Paul N. San Diego, CA

Wow people really? I guess it really does depend on the sales person you get because I dealt with Mark Morrow and my experience was stellar. To be completely honest though, I had been dealing with another gal for a couple days who I wasn't thrilled with and Mark really changed my mind and sealed the deal for me and the dealership. He was super cool, calm, and collected, In a way that never felt pushy and deceitful. Which to me is sooo completely important when buying a car. I felt the whole time that we were on the same page and he understood my needs and was ready to deliver in a very honest way! I suggest anyone who comes to this dealership to deal with him for sure. Being a woman who has dealt with some shady and not so sincere people in this area in the past, I highly reccomend Mark. No joke. It was a pleasure from start to finish. Thank you Mark. I love my new Accord!!!!   Anna B. San Diego, CA

My fiancee and I are very happy with our recent purchase of our 2011 Element at Pacific Honda.  Scott S. was our salesman and he was very knowledgable about the Element and showed us the different features. We also came in with a trade-in and we were able to quickly negotiate a fair value for the trade-in and a great deal on the Element. I can't emphasize enough this was a hassle free process. Prior to going to Pacific Honda we brought our trade-in to a Ford dealer interested in getting a Ford Escape, and they came back with a very low trade-in value and they took three times as long. Scott was very responsive to all our questions even days after we purchased the Element. I think getting a vehicle at a great price is one thing, but also having great customer support that we've experienced at Pacific Honda is why I'm giving it 5 stars.
Grace Z. San Francisco, CA

I went in to browse around, and ended up up walking out with a new car.  If you're thinking about buying go talk to Mark Morrow!  He is hands down the best.  Everyone at Pacific Honda was so helpful.  They gave us a fair trade in value for our other vehile and worked out a payment plan to fit our family budget.  This was the best car shopping experience I've had!  Vanessa O.  Vista, CA

Hmm...idk why this place has such a bad rating. It made me hesitant to go there from OC to buy a car but we did anyways!!  I found a car online & called to see if it was available. Being from OC, we tried to make a deal over the phone before driving there and we were helped by JT.  He gave us a price range we were able to deal with so the next morning, we drove down there. Once we got on the lot, we found JT & started the negotiations =)  He was very friendly and approachable with a good sense of humor.  Right off the bat, he gave us what we were asking for but it was on the higher end of that range...but he did stick to his word! =)  My bf negotiated a little more and then we sealed the deal.  It was a no-pressure experience.  We went with friends who were looking for an Accord and JT was very knowledgeable in regards to the different levels of trim & options with each. Car buying takes time and if I had to do it again...I would definitely go back to Pacific Honda. Other people on the lot were very friendly and the finance lady (Dottie) was super sweet too!  Thanks Pacific Honda! You guys really are the helpful Honda people ;)  jessica n. Orange County, CA

In this time of cookie cutter customer service, Pacific Honda is everything but typical. I recently brought my vehicle in for service and there were six cars ahead of me. I hadnt serviced my vehicle in a while so I thought I may be waiting forever. Not the case. I was greeted and informed that an advisor rep would be with me shortly and my wait was less than five minutes. With the amount of business that was coming in ahead of me and then behind me, I was blown away by the quality of my conversation / overall approach and the time the advisor named Anthony; took with me. I was going to be spending a few hundred dollars and the advisor had me very relaxed about the whole process, unlike EVERY other Honda Service Dept in San Diego I ever went to. I will never go elsewhere again! People need to understand, especially with six or seven year old cars like mine, that you eventually have to spend a little to maintain your vehicle and expense does not equate to customer service, CUSTOMER SERVICE does! Vincent b. San Diego, CA

I have purchased 2 new cars from the Honda dealership in the past few years and have been very happy. Recently I  purchased a used car from their certified used car lot. I took it in for service and had a communication error with the service dept. and went over to the used lot to talk to the manager Lenny and he handled everything.  Lenny gave me excellent service and went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied and happy. I would recommend buying a car from Pacific Honda Certified Used Car's to all my friends and anyone else wanting a dependable car! Thank you for great service.Nina G. San Diego, CA

I have been taking my cars to Pacific Honda Service for YEARS and have NEVER had an fact, everyone I've ever dealt with there has been extremely friendly and helpful.  My car is always done timely, and if it has to stay overnight, they always provide me with a rental vehicle from Enterprise.  The shop is clean, the waiting area is comfortable, and the service is excellent.  I highly recommend Pacific Honda Service!!!  Thank you for years of convenience!  Mary Beth E.San Diego, CA

I am complety shocked at some of the comments people have posted about how Horrible Pacific Honda is. My family has been buying cars from there since i could remember. We have always been treated with respect so i am surprised to hear that they were not respectful. They only way i think they would be disrespectful is because maybe you came at them wrong. remember they are human and if you want respect u should give respect. The service department has the best service advisors in san diego. they work really hard to make sure the customer is taking care of. They greet you with a smile and it make you feel refreshed and secure your car is in good hands! if you have a honda i wouldnt take it anywhere else but PACIFIC HONDA! JESSICA U. San Diego, CA

My rating of a 5 only goes to Chris Y. and his team/friends (Bo and Wally)!  Just so I can validate my experience with Pacific Honda, here is what me and my friends have purchased from them:
Me: PreOwned 2003 Honda Accord
Brother: New Honda Odyssey
Friend: New Mercedes Benz (Chris was able to do a dealer purchase so he can sell it to my friend)
Friend: PreOwned 2006 Toyota 4Runner
Friend: New Honda Crosstour
My experience as well as my friends have received nothing short of excellent service from Chris / Bo / Wally.  Chris makes sure you are extremely satisfied even if it means him turning you away to another dealer to get a car.....which he had to do since my cousin was looking for a Toyota Sienna and Chris wasn't able to match the price. (Hard to do with Toyota's)
Wally was so knowledgeable with my friends Crosstour, he just didnt hand her the keys and say "Thanks! Refer your friends to me!"  Nope, he stayed after hours and showed my friend every feature and inch in her new Crosstour.  The patience he had was bar-none!  Thanks for making my friend very comfortable Wally! Thanks Chris and Team for taking care of me and my friends!  You not only beat everyone's prices, you treat everyone as a good friend!  Angelo F.San Diego, CA

** UPDATE: 6/26/10 **We previously had a horrible experience with this location however I must say Im am now a converted fan of Pacific Honda. Read on..After the first bad experience I vowed never to return to this location HOWEVER, after shopping at every used car dealership in San Diego (including CARMAX) for my second vehicle I quickly found out that Pacific Honda has the lowest prices. Being one to give people second chances I came back today in hopes of gaining a different perspective and I ended up driving away in a BMW :) .Upon arriving at the dealership I obviously didnt mention the fact that I gave them one star on Yelp and ranted about the previous bad experience, HOWEVER, during the test drive the salesrep actually mentioned how they took into consideration someone's bad experience on Yelp and had a meeting about how they can change that! He specifically mentioned the situation I had wrote about on my first Yelp review!! WOW! I was blown away. Being the sales manager that I am though, I wasnt just satisifed with just great customer service I needed a rock bottom price. Thats where Larry P. came in and threw down the most attractive numbers I had seen all day. To top it all off, THEIR INTEREST RATES WERE HALF THAT OF CARMAX, and you cant even haggle on the price with Carmax!  With a near 800 credit score Carmax was giving us above 8% on interest, Pacific Honda was significantly lower and much much more attractive. Do yourself a favor, if youre in the market for a used vehicle go see Larry P. at Pacific Honda and I guarantee that youre getting the best prices in SD county. We've purchased 2 cars from them in the past year and now my sister in on her way to purchasing another.** Previous Review: 11/03/2009 **If I was able to choose 0 stars I would. My experience is this, my parents purchased a mercedes benz at this location and left the same day with the car. After a few days with the vehicle they noticed that the car was having slight mechanical problems. They called Pacific Honda and spoke with the sales manager who told them that they got such a good deal on the vehicle that if they were going to complain about something so small they might as well return the car. My parents were furious and were going to complain to corporate. Days later they received a call from the sales manager again, this time saying he will fix it. My parents brought the car in, they fixed it, end of story. Or so we thought. A week later, the sales manager called AGAIN, and this time said that the cost of fixing it was more than they expected so they wanted my mother to come back in to the sales lot to take the entire sales staff out to lunch for his troubles! Wow. Were in the process of formally filing a complaint with corporate as well as the BBB.  RJ M. Long Beach, CA

The dealership recently moved across the street into a new building. I purchased a Civic Hybrid here and my parents purchased an Accord here. I worked with an interesting gentleman named Bo. This guy is good friends with ex-Laker coach Phil Jackson (pretty cool). He didn't bullshit me and was straight up with me. In the end we got the car that I wanted at the price I was willing to pay. Everything went smoothly and to this day the car is running great. Thanks Bo for doing business with me.  Al A.  San Diego, CA

Ok, I am not one to make snap decisions on big dollar items. I bought my new car from these guys about a year ago after a lot of price haggling and comparison shopping. It's amazing how different the prices are from one dealer to the next. I got quotes, with options, from almost every dealer in the county (including one idiot named Doug from Weir canyon Honda in Anaheim that accused me of using his bloated price to talk down other dealers). Pacific Honda was very easy to work with. I told them what I wanted, gave them the price I wanted to pay (after researching what was appropriate) and done! Easy! Still had to sit through all the paper work but what are ya gonna do? Why is it that I only remember the name of the jerk in Anaheim and not my own sales guy? (A lack of vitamin B perhaps) Anyway, Pacific Honda was the least painful of all the dealerships I worked with. I highly recommend going there first and saving yourself all the trouble I went through. Steve D. San Diego, CA


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